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Darcy Graf

I cannot stress enough how amazing Marjon is!!!! She is THE BEST! Super professional, fast turnarounds and perfect editing (not to mention a super easy on-boarding process) makes her one of the best I’ve ever worked with! I’m SO grateful to have her as a partner so I can deliver high quality edits to my clients quickly!

"Super professional, fast turnarounds and perfect editing"

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Meagan Puett

I’m sooo grateful that I found Marjon when I did! Ever since incorporating her into my editing routine she has helped me catch up with a HUGE amount of my editing and the edits are literally seamless to mine! She learned and matched my style perfectly and has made my workflow so much better! I now have more time for not only adding finishing touches to my work but also to giving each of my clients even more of the quality and time that they deserve! I also now have more time for working on all of the other aspects of my business for continued growth as well! ❤️ Thank you Marjon!

"She learned and matched my style perfectly and has made my workflow so much better!"

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Danielle Majka

I have been actively searching and trying multiple photo editors for over a year now and Marjon has been such a breath of fresh air! Finally, I don't have to re-edit all of the work I am paying to have edited! She is incredibly organized, timely and extremely prompt with her responses to emails. HIGHLY recommend!

"All I can say is - WHAT A RELIEF!"

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"I recommend her to everyone, don't hesitate, with her skills she'll be fully booked soon!"

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Marjon has really been a savior for me. The past year I literally drowned in my work, because I love it so much and never said 'no'. I however, no longer knew how to dig myself out.
With Marjon's help I managed to provide all my bridal couples with their photos on time, which they'll look back on with beautiful memories for the rest of their lives.

Marjon has patience, helps you with anything, explained the process to me clearly and patiently when I didn't understand it initially, responds quickly, is always open to feedback and really takes that feedback into account in subsequent galleries.

The longer we work together, the less I have to do and recently when I had a last minute request she created space so that I could also deliver that gallery on time! I am very grateful to her and hope that we can work together for a long time to come. I recommend her to everyone, don't hesitate, with her skills she'll be fully booked soon!


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When I first start working together, I'm focussing
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