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Danielle Majka

I have been actively searching and trying multiple photo editors for over a year now and Marjon has been such a breath of fresh air! Finally, I don't have to re-edit all of the work I am paying to have edited! She is incredibly organized, timely and extremely prompt with her responses to emails. HIGHLY recommend!

"All I can say is- WHAT A RELIEF!"

Photo Editing Service


Choose out of 4 different outsourcing plans. 

Preset application
Color correction
White balance
Grain reduction
Cropping + straightening


Advanced Editing


basic editing

This service includes all the Lightroom editing settings that's needed to make your wedding,
newborn, family, maternity, engagement
galleries stunning!

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Photo Editing Service


Choose out of 4 different different packages

Retouching of skin
Background extension
Color correction
Cropping + Straightening
White balance
Skin smoothing
Eye brightening

And more...


photoshop editing

This service includes Photoshop editing according to your own personal
editing style preferences. We prioritize becoming a pro in your style editing!

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This service includes culling your batch of images into the best quality gallery to send to your clients.

We use AI for culling, so we can save some time and give you
a much better price!

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High-quality edits that match
your style

What to expect

when outsourcing to me



Dedicated photo editor


Easy and stress-free process
from start to finish


Catalog edited within 1-8
business days

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Photographer friends, you worked so hard to make your photography brand a success. And that's honestly amazing and admiring! But I'm assuming, since you've come to us this far on the website, you have realised that you don't have time other important things in life that give you joy. 

Is this you?
The Editingflow team is here to help!

Why outsourcing?

"I outsource my editing because it takes a HUGE
weight off my shoulders! There are only so many
hours in the day and with the high frequency and volume of shoots I have scheduled, there is no way I could keep up with quick turnaround times and quality editing if I had to edit everything myself. So thankful for you!"

- darcy graf

"I outsource my editing when I can because though it is definitely my art, my time is limited. There are only so many hours in a day and as a photographer, I am my own accountant,
networker, marketing team, creative, photographer, and studio manager all in one. When you are growing your business, delegating the tasks that take up the most time is important. If you can find an editor that does a great job at conveying your styles and aesthetic, then it is 100% worth it so you can continue to maintain and grow your business. I am always
so impressed with EditingFlow when I get a gallery back. It truly takes the stress off of me!"

- erika collins

"Outsourcing editing has been the best decision I have made for myself and my business"

We asked our clients

"One and only to save more time! 
Time for more photography/bookings and more time with my own family ☺️" 

- Anita kolnes

"I outsource my editing to get my time back. This job offers the freedom to create your own schedule and be able to attend soccer games, dance recitals, and show up for my kids on the daily. In doing all the things, there also comes a heavy feeling of anxiety and dread knowing how much is on my plate and the endless hours I will have to stay up late editing only to do it all over again the next day. Outsourcing lifts that weight and frees up my time so that I can live the life I worked so hard to create." 

- spenser champers

"To save time so i can focus on other things in my business. And to make sure I get consistent results."

- Ingvild kolnes

"I have worked so hard to build my business to where it is today and while my business is very important, family time is my priority. We don’t get this time with our kids back and being present is worth more than anything in the world to me. Outsourcing editing has been the best decision I have made for my self and my business, allowing me more time to focus on my family while returning galleries quicker than I did even before I had kids. Win, win!"

- danielle majka

Who can better answer
this question than the photographers themselves?


what is your pricing?

To make your financial planning easier and outsourcing cheaper I have created 3 subscriptions for you. If you want to pay per gallery, e-mail me a request for my pricing & services guide to:

what type of photography do you edit?

I mostly edit weddings, family, couple and newborn photography

do you offer trial runs?

Yes, I offer a free complimentary 100 image trial run! I understand if you are a little scared to take the step to outsourcing. You can apply for a trial run here. Let me make you feel comfortable to outsourcing your editing!

what editing do you provide?

I will apply your preset that has been provided by you, basic cropping, straightening, colour correction, basic panel adjustments. Most of the time I copy your anchor images and then make adjustments to create a consistent gallery. 
I always study your style,

do you offer retouching?

Yes, I also offer retouching services!

what are anchor images?

Anchor images are images that you will edit in your style. I suggest 3 anchor images per 100 images. These anchor images are very important as I will use these as a reference in order to edit the rest of your images perfectly.

how do i send my catalog?

You only have to drag + drop your files in my own custom upload page, it’s as simple as that! Never outsourced before? Do not worry, you’ll receive specific instructions to uploading your files.

do you use lightroom?

Yes, I use Lightroom Classic CC. I ask all clients to ensure if the latest Lightroom update so we don’t have any issues when exchanging catalogs.

when will i receive my edited catalog back?

EditingFlow members receive their edited catalog back 1-4 business days after their appointment date. And pay per order clients 3-7 business days.

how soon can i book you as my editor?

I am currently available to take on new clients and could start editing your catalog in less than a week. After you fill out my contact form you will get the chance to book your current and future weddings. I have a very flexible calendar!

More questions?