The most valuable thing
to buy is time.

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Now that you're here.

You're just a few steps away from creating your
editing flow.

I can imagine that all the late nights editing is very exhausting next to all the tasks you have to do as a photographer. 
Keeping up with emails, creating content for instagram, planning your shoots, writing blog posts, long days shooting, traveling and on top of all that, your social life... That's a lot!!

Me, Marjon, your photo editor, is here to help you out! The most valuable thing in life is time. And I want to give you my time.

And even more important, high quality edits!

Before I can begin editing for you, it’s important to inquire for my client list. You will get the chance to tell me more about you, your business and your editing style.

You will then have access to my
editing calendar to book and
schedule any current or future
weddings that need to be edited.
So, you can schedule multiple
galleries in advance!

You only have to drag + drop your
files in our own custom upload
page, it’s as simple as that! Never
outsourced before? Do not worry,
you’ll receive specific instructions
to uploading your files.

Your catalog will be sent back to
you within 3-8 business days of
your appointment.

01. inquire for my
client list

02. Book an editing

03. upload catalog

02. delivery day

My process

how the magic happens

Kick back and

Website Assets-Arch Outline


$0.39 / image

Preset application
Color correction
White balance
Grain reduction
Cropping + straightning

basic editing

Schedule your catalogs in my editing calendar.
Your catalog will be returned to you in
3-8 business days!



Pay per

try it out for free


3-8 business days


$0.13 / sent image


what is your pricing?

You will invest $0.39/image. Please let me know if you have any questions!

what type of photography do you edit?

I mostly edit weddings, family, couple and newborn photography

do you offer trial runs?

Yes, I offer a free complimentary 100 image trial run! I understand if you are a little scared to take the step to outsourcing. You can apply for a trial run here. Let me make you feel comfortable to outsourcing your editing!

what editing do you provide?

I will apply your preset that has been provided by you, basic cropping, straightening, colour correction, basic panel adjustments. Most of the time I copy your anchor images and then make adjustments to create a consistent gallery. 
I always study your style,

what are anchor images?

Anchor images are images that you will edit in your style. I suggest 3 anchor images per 100 images. These anchor images are very important as I will use these as a reference in order to edit the rest of your images perfectly.

how do i send my catalog?

You only have to drag + drop your files in my own custom upload page, it’s as simple as that! Never outsourced before? Do not worry, you’ll receive specific instructions to uploading your files.

do you use lightroom?

Yes, I use Lightroom Classic CC. I ask all clients to ensure if the latest Lightroom update so we don’t have any issues when exchanging catalogs.

when will i receive my edited catalog back?

EditingFlow clients will receive their edited
gallery back in 3-8 business days.

how soon can i book you as my editor?

I am currently available to take on new clients and could start editing your catalog in less than a week. After you fill out my contact form you will get the chance to book your current and future weddings. I have a very flexible calendar!

More questions?