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Hi! I'm Marjon and I'm the founder
of EditingFlow!

Hi there, my name is Kim! I'm your photo editor for today!

In December 2021 Marjon decided if she wants to help more photographers with their editing, she needed more photo editors on board. And also a new name. That’s how ‘EditingFlow’ was born… A few months later became Kim part of the team and
she's been here for 1,5 years!

The EditingFlow team is here to learn your style like a pro and create the editing flow you need in your life!

Marjon started out as a private photo editor in July 2021. Her client list grew rapidly and the love in creating a great partnership with her clients grew also. Seeing the happiness in the emails of clients when they receive a catalog back is the thing that made Marjon want to grow her business more and more. Busy photographers feel such a relief that they don’t have to worry about editing a whole wedding or multiple portrait sessions in a week.

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Hi! I'm Marjon

The founder

Hi! I’m Marjon, a 23-year-old photo editor and graphic designer. I’m based in the Netherlands but I love to work from anywhere! I’m the youngest of 5 and have 13 little nieces and nephews which I love spending time with! You can find me on the tennis court, on a night out with friends or in my office expressing my passions.

I’ve been practicing photography since I was 12 years old because of my dad, he has a huge passion for photography as well. I absolutely love shooting family and newborn sessions but I’ve never really had the need to make it my job. I started my full-time job after I finished my degree in graphic design, which I enjoyed a lot! Though, this interest and drive to entrepreneurship was getting stronger and stronger. 2 years ago I read that you can make a living as a photo editor and I got so excited!! I immediately started researching and learning everything I needed to know about starting a photo editing business. And here we are… What’s more beautiful than combining different passions and making it your job!

After becoming a photo editor, I was blown away by the response of photographers that have been searching for a photo editor for a long time and now they can spend time on other things that are important to them! That honestly makes me so happy.

I live in Batangas City, it's a city here in the Philippines that is famous for their coffee called "Kapeng Barako" which I really love and the only coffee I can drink, especially if it is made by my grandma. I am the youngest and the only girl of three siblings and still living with my family together with our fur babies, 3 dogs and 2 cats. We actually have lots of pets in our house because of my second brother who like to
take care of them such as fish, birds, and even hamsters.

I've been a person whose in love with
photography and anything media related stuff
since high school thanks to the influence of my
eldest brother who is also inclined to
photography and also my mentor in this field.
I also get to hone my skills by volunteering in
our church media ministry, which I'm so
thankful for because I got the opportunity to be
part of a known photography studio as one of
their photographers and photo editors. I have
5 years experience working with them. As time
goes, photography and photo editing became a
really big part of my life, it's just so amazing how
you could preserve a beautiful moment and
make it more stunning by enhancing the image
and make it more alive. The best part is
hearing the feedback of the clients after they
reviewed their gallery.

Working with Editingflow just makes me love
photography more, specifically photo editing.
I get to experience and learn a lot of things just by looking at the photos I'm editing and wonder
how or where the photos were taken and
sometimes could feel the emotions in it that
makes me cherish my work more as I know that
these photos were taken because they want to
treasure that moment.

We look forward to getting to know YOU.