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Ello! My name is Booma and I'm here
for all your photo editing needs!

The team

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Hi! I'm Marjon and I'm the founder
of EditingFlow!

Hi there, my name is Kim! I'm your photo editor for today!

In December 2021 Marjon decided if she wants to help more photographers with their editing, she needed more photo editors on board. And also a new name. That’s how ‘EditingFlow’ was born… A few months later became Booma and Kim part of
the team!

The EditingFlow team is here to learn your style like a pro and create the editing flow you need in your life!

Marjon started out as a private photo editor in July 2021. Her client list grew rapidly and the love in creating a great partnership with her clients grew also. Seeing the happiness in the emails of clients when they receive a catalog back is the thing that made Marjon want to grow her business more and more. Busy photographers feel such a relief that they don’t have to worry about editing a whole wedding or multiple portrait sessions in a week.

Our story

High-quality edits that match your style perfectly

What to expect

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Dedicated photo editors


Easy and stress-free process
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Catalog edited within 1-7
business days

Hi! I'm Marjon

The founder

I’m gonna be honest here, I'm not the best at talking about myself. I rather talk about the services I provide to help you and your business.
But here it goes...

I’m just a regular girl who can’t start a day without coffee, is on her happiest in an awesome theme park, loves to travel, has watched friends a 1000 times and spends 12 hours a day behind her laptop. Not just for friends don’t worry!!

I’m a photo editor and graphic designer. Being creative makes me so happy and I LOVE the art all of you photographers make with your camera!
I live in the Netherlands, have a dog named Kaiza and when I’m not behind my laptop, I'm with family and friends or play tennis, a sport I enjoy so much!

And.... I honestly can't wait to get to know you as wel!!

Ello! My name is Booma

Photo editor

Movies, crafting, and photography are the top three things I enjoy. I reside in Cavite, Philippines, with my husband and two dogs. Coming from a family that loves the arts, I started photography at a young age but started professionally doing it in 2011 when I started working in a photography studio. During my tenure in that studio, I discovered my love for portrait photography, specifically babies and kids photography.

I love working as a photo editor because it’s the next best thing to photography, and I get to do it by working remotely. I love how I can help photographers bring “life” to their images. Aside from that, I also don’t have to think about going through a long travel time to and from work, and my eyes always feast on seeing unique shoot locations around the world.

Being part of the EditingFlow team has been amazing. I am grateful that I get to edit photos and learn at the same time, not just in photo editing but also in photography.
I love that I get to work with amazing
photographers and can edit their
breathtaking images.

Hi there, my name is Kim!

Photo editor

I am a coffee person. I live in Davao City, Philippines. I love animals, photography and
playing badminton. I have 11 dogs and 1 cat that I love so much.
At first, I knew nothing about photography until someone taught me and fell in love with
it. As time went by, I enjoyed taking photos and realized that I wanted to pursue
photography. I started learning and practicing for years until I got some clients and got
here at Editingflow.
I love working as a photo editor because editing makes me happy. Being a photo editor
gives me the experience to look at different places and different kinds of unforgettable
events in someone’s life. Helping them make their images look stunning is an
achievement for me. I also love working a remote job in a different country because it is convenient. I don’t have to travel to go to work and I can manage my time wisely.
Editingflow gave me the opportunity to experience and learn a lot of editing skills since I started my journey here. I am grateful that I am part of the team. It is a great pleasure working with all of the different photographers out there with their amazing photos.
I am excited to edit your astonishing photos!

We look forward to getting to know YOU.