6 reasons why photographer hire a private photo editor

6 reasons why photographers hire a private photo editor

Hi there, I’m Marjon! It’s so great to see you taking the time to reading my blog. You are most likely a photographer and if you came to my blog about outsourcing, you’re a busy one! Congrats on all your success!

I’ve been a private photo editor for a while now and my clients told me the reasons why they outsource their editing.

The most common reasons are:

1. Burn out
2. No time to be with family
3. Never want to miss a dead-line again
4. Don’t like spending hours behind your computer
5. Want to do more shoots or weddings
6. Need more time do grow your business

Soo let’s talk about this shall we?

1. Burn out

You don’t want to know how many times I’ve heard of photographers that are close to burn out or are burn out.
It saddens me to see they lose the joy of photography. But I also see they get energy from taking pictures of their clients. It’s just all those different tasks around the shoots that are very draining and not enjoyable for them.

Outsourcing your editing will give you time back to do more of the things you love to do and make you happy.

2. No time to be with family

Those long long nights editing are exhausting after a while isn’t it? And if it’s not that, it’s going to be a weekend behind your computer… That’s not good for the soul, especially if you have kids. Having a business you love is the best and you should be grateful of course, but it’s not everything in life.

Time is more valuable than money.

And outsourcing you editing will give you just that.

3. Never want to miss a dead-line again

Have just been planning the year like…




I love your spirit 😉

The problem is when you miss one dead-line and it feels like your tasks come all at once.
That turns into stress and makes you lose motivation. That’s totally normal. But hiring a photo editor will take that stress away.

4. Don’t like spending hours behind the computer

Me, I absolutely love working from my laptop, I really don’t mind those long days behind my screen.
But I know A LOT of people who absolutely hate it.

However… those wedding catalogs aren’t going to edit themselves.

I know how long it takes. Ooff. With a photo editor you only have to edit 5% of your gallery! And you will receive the catalog back all edited in 1-7 days.

5. Want to do more shoots or weddings

Another very common reason for outsourcing you editing is because you enjoy photographing way more than the editing part. How cool would it be to shoot even more weddings or sessions while you receive the edited catalogs in your mailbox!

6. Need more time to grow your business

I can imagine you have BIG goals for your photography business and need more time do all the marketing, write blogs, update your website, contact with clients etc.  But then, growing your business means doesn’t mean gaining time to be with the people you love. Outsourcing your editing will give you that time.


The most valuable thing
to buy is time.