Why Black and White Photography?

Ever seen a black and white image and thought that it has that certain quality that is hard to define with words? There are ten million colors, and sometimes, the beauty we want to see is in black and white. We’ve enumerated the reasons why you should include this in your package.

Zoom In on the Emotions

The French-American photographer Elliott Erwitt said, “Color is descriptive. Black and white are interpretive.” We cannot help but agree. B&W images can somehow make a person look at the photograph and experience the specific time the photo was taken. It evokes emotions and lets people focus on what the subjects were feeling. It intensifies happiness, surprise, and amazement, as well as feelings of sadness, loss, and grief.


Anybody would want something that can transcend time, and that’s one of the advantages of a black-and-white photo. It can be displayed with any frame, against any wall type or design, and the subjects will still look stylish, whatever clothes, hairstyle, or make-up they wear. Photos taken 30 years ago still look relevant in this age when it’s in B&W, and images taken this day will still look fabulous even after half a decade in monochrome.

Helps Fix the Lighting

The best photographers in the world would have taken a great image with the lighting not on their side. We all have our fair share of locations where there is no good ambient lighting, and very challenging to use a flash; we are sometimes left with images that are perfectly timed and composed but, unfortunately, with unflattering lighting. Editing the images and adjusting the exposure would help, but more often than not, it’s best to go black and white. It helps fix harsh lighting, and the final image will still look incredible.

Keep the Distractions at Bay

Colors and too much of it can cause distraction, not to mention things that can happen in a shoot or an event where the focus should be the bride, but there are other people in the room, or during preparations, the client wasn’t able to tidy up the space. That doesn’t look good in a picture – when that second is suspended in time and can be zoomed in. Try to make the photo monochrome and see that all the distractions just seem to disappear, and your eyes will automatically be diverted to the subjects.

Options in Post-Production

All these enumerated reasons can be thought of after the shoot when you’re not on the go and can absorb all the stunning photos you took. You don’t have to shoot in black and white, as that can be decided during post-production, and you can always tap EditingFlow for your culling and editing needs. We can also help determine which photos can be in B&W if your time doesn’t permit you to do it, so you can focus on shooting and expanding your photography business.

Photographs, as they say, freeze moments. These moments are frequently filled with emotions, emotions that the person in the picture can always recall and relive, and sometimes that particular occasion is best viewed in B&W. We hope this write-up can help you decide if you should include black and white images on your package.

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